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New Townie 7d Go bike and new to riding

I am a 5 ft 1.5' 72 yrs old rider.  Haven't ridden in very many years which was a single speed bike so this 26" wheel 7d GO is all new to me.  I have been riding  on my street a couple of times and find the bike a little awkward to handle.  Will this improve with practice.  I keep thinking I should have discussed the purchase of 24" wheel bike with the shop owner.  It appeared that they didn't have any in stock and when I questioned if the bike was the right size I was reassured that based on my height the 26" was a good fit.  Any advice, comments etc from the group or those who wish to provide input would be greatly appreciated.

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You should be able to ride this bike with a little practice.  My father is almost 90 and he still rides. Last summer I met someone in their late 90's and still riding 30+ miles a day. One of my riding buddies is 74 and can ride 150 miles in a day, leaving most young people in the dust. So age is not going to be an impediment. 

My first question would be:  Did you have the bike fitted to you? A proper bike fit can make all the difference. If not, go back to the store and make an appointment for a proper fit. 

After the bike is fitted, find a dedicated bike trail that has no cars.  Practicing on a trail will remove the car danger and make learning easier. 

Last year I encouraged two retired ladies in my life to pick up cycling after not having cycled since their youth.  Both struggled for a couple of hours before they were happy riders. 

It will take time. Cycling uses muscles that you might not have used frequently or even knew you had 🙂

Good luck,