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New endurance cyclist - seeking advice on shoes and pedals for a distance road bike!

Hello! I'm a longtime biker exploring via my single-speed commuter (usually 50-60 miles on weekends and ~10 per day on weekdays). 

I think it's time to upgrade for comfort, and I want to start riding centuries. I'm looking to buy a Specialized Allez for my first distance road bike. I know I need cycling shoes and special pedals — any advice and how to choose those and/or other essentials here to up my game would be greatly appreciated!! 

And if anyone is in Denver looking for a new long-distance cycling buddy 🙂 

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Hello @emilyrose 

Welcome to the world of endurance cycling! It sounds like you have already built a great base with your single-speeding and commuting. You should have a great time as you embark on your journey to riding centuries!

Buying cycling shoes can appear overwhelming at first but once you narrow down a few key pieces, it all starts to come together. I would recommend reading this article on buying cycling shoes

Having ridden many long distance bike tours and centuries myself, I would recommend you look at a set of "road" style pedals and shoes. Road pedals will give you a larger platform to stand on and road shoes will generally be stiffer. This ultimately means less cumulative fatigue as the miles tick by. 

This would be a great starting point when shopping for a pedal. As for shoes, a lot of this will depend on personal preference. Each brand will have a unique fit which will make it better/worse for different foot shapes. Here are some great options for you to explore!

Have fun out there, and be sure to let us know if you have any other questions!

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Thank you, @REI-BryanV !