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Need Help - Bike Making a Clicking Noise not from chain/pedaling

Hi friends, 

I am a recent returner to road cycling just for personal fun. I got a great entry-level road bike from REI. About a week into riding, my fourth or fifth time on the bike, I spilled it over thanks to a passing mishap. 

Aside from a few scrapes on the paint (and my arm) the bike looked and felt just fine with a good look over, and I even finished the last 5 miles without an issue. The chain did hop off when it happened, but I was able to get it back on without a problem before I continued my ride. 

My next time out, I noticed a pretty distinct intermittent clicking noise from my bike. I cannot sort out where it's coming from. It doesn't seem to be the chain, because it will click even when coasting and no pedal/chain rotation. The derailleur is not hitting the chain either. It doesn't seem to be the brakes because it's a clank instead of a rubbing noise. I cannot replicate the noise if I lift the bike and spin either tire off the pavement. I checked every bolt I can think of to make sure it's tight. 

It almost sounds as if there is a rock inside the tire that is rolling around while I cycle. But that's obviously not the case because the tires are just fine. And I can feel the minor vibration of this "rock" rolling around as I go. 

If anyone has any idea what the sound might be, it would bring me so much peace on my rides. Thanks for reading y'all! 

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@nick_t thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about your mishap, followed by a new strange clicking noise! The best way we can help is to have you reach out to where our certified bike technicians are fielding lots of technical bike questions just like yours. You can certainly cut and paste your post above and give our techs a few days to respond - they'll likely have you up and riding again (without clicking) very soon!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Do you clip in or use a flat pedal?  If you clip in, lubricate the surface where the cleat contacts the pedal.   Also you may have an issue with your front bracket/ hub, the axis for the front gears, which may require a visit to the shop

Check your spoke tension. depending on how you went down you may have hit a spoke or loosened one some how. if one is loose you may only notice the sound when it rolls through that part of the tire when riding. I was going to say it may be the bottom bracket, but you said it happens when you do not pedal. just push or pull your spokes with your fingers and see if one is looser than the others. it will not take much effort to determine if one or two are loose.