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Looking for suggestions for choosing a new bicycle.

I am in search of a bike I’m 6’2” 310lbs. I went to West Hartford but they were closed any suggestions

2 Replies

@Cding871 Thanks for reaching out!

We can definitely make some suggestions of bikes for you to check out, however, it would be helpful if you could answer a couple of questions for us to help guide our advice: What kind of riding are you looking to do? Trail riding? Mountain biking? Road riding? Commuting? Are you looking to simply get out and ride for fun? Or are you looking to progress your skill level? I.e. Are you getting into mountain biking and would like to ride more challenging terrain? Are you riding for fitness but hope to do a century or triathlon someday?

Additionally, sizing a bike properly depends on a lot of factors, however we typically start with your inseam. Because you're over 6 feet tall you are likely a large or an extra-large frame size but if you can share your inseam length that would be helpful to know as well.

Here are some different options of bikes that you could think about. This is a broad listing so we hope you come back and share some more information so we can help you narrow down your choices. We are listing Co-op Cycles bikes here because they all have a weight rating of 300 pounds. As a bigger guy myself (300+ lbs and 6 feet tall) I can tell you that they can handle more weight than that, you just want to be thoughtful about how aggressive your riding may be and that additional weight puts additional wear and tear on the components of the bike. Sometimes upgrading the bike and components can be more cost effective than having to replace them entirely after they wear out. Here are some bikes to think about:

Mountain Bikes:

  • Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1. This is our entry level mountain bike. It will handle trails, gravel, rolling hills, and the shock will provide a smooth ride if the going gets bumpy. A great 'all-around' choice for having fun on a bike and not having to worry about what kind of terrain you might encounter. You can also upgrade the component package by going with the Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2.
  • Co-op Cycles DRT 2.1. This bike comes with some features designed to tackle much more rugged terrain, like a dropper post (hit a button and your seat drops out of the way for a more aggressive stance) and a front fork with an additional 20 mm of travel (cushier ride). It also comes with 'plus' tires for helping to smooth out bumps in the trail and provide more floatation over softer ground. I ride an older model of this bike and it's versatility makes it great for mountain biking and bikepacking on rugged singletrack. Also comes in a DRT 2.2 model with upgraded components.
  • Co-op Cycles DRT 3.1. This is our full suspension mountain bike for very technical singletrack mountain biking. Also comes in a DRT 3.2 model with upgraded components.

Hybrid/Commuter Bikes

  • Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1. A great bike for riding roads, paved trails, and light duty gravel/hardpack trails. This bike gives you the more upright position of a mountain bike with the narrower tires of a road bike (hence the 'hybrid' name). You'll also have the benefit of disc brakes for additional stopping power. These are great bikes for fitness or commuting.
  • Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1. A very similar bike to the CTY 1.1 with a few upgraded components and also a front shock. Great if you're looking for that hybrid bike that can handle light trail duty or if the roads where you live are a little rough.

Gravel/Road Touring Adventure Bikes

  • Co-op Cycles ADV 2.1. A drop bar 'road' style adventure bike built to handle a broad variety of road conditions; from pavement to gravel. 
  • Co-op Cycles ADV 3.1. A drop bar bike designed to tackle rugged trail riding with you and all your gear for overnight bikepacking or bike touring. 

Hopefully this gives you some good information and helps you narrow down what you're looking for in a bike. Circle back with us to let us know what you're thinking and we can provide some more detail and information. Thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@Cding871 Thanks for getting back to us via email!

If you're simply looking for a bike that is fun to ride, we recommend the Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1 for a more trail oriented approach to cycling fun or the Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1 for a more pavement oriented approach. Either of those bikes are fun to ride! If you're curious about bike sizing we recommend the Expert Advice article Bike Fitting Basics.

Hope this helps, feel free to reach out with any other questions!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.