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Just got a new bike! Looking for any and all tips and advice.

Hello! I am new to this page and ready to get back into cycling!! I just bought the CTY 1.1 and I am ready to learn all the tips/tricks of getting started with my bike and maintaining it as well! Please share anything and everything you know about it! 

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Absolutely!!! I have 3 young boys who never slow down so safety is always my top priority and if I’m going to make them wear helmets then I vow to do the same! 🙂

thank you so much! 


Great call out! I’m embarrassed that I assumed that was already part of the kit. The helmet should always come first. Thanks for catching that!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

No worries! I bought a helmet before my bike even arrived:)


As soon as REI starts offering in person bike maintenance classes near you, take them. They are invaluable and as an REI Member you get a discount.  Also, check around to see if any of your local bike shops will be offering the Parks Tools Bike Maintenance Classes. They are also great. Get acquainted with some other riders and or cycling groups and then watch and learn, and do not be afraid to ask questions of other cyclists. The learning curve is steep at first but will soon, after a season or two and several hundred miles, start to flatten out, and people will start to look toward you as a source of information from someone with exerience.

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Our family absolutely loves cycling. When I first met my wife, she had never really cycled. This had to change, so I purchased a bike for her. It has been 25 years of riding together.  Here are some suggestions from my experience in getting many people started in cycling, including my wife.

Safety needs to come first.  Here are some suggestions to keep you safe.

1) Purchase a good quality helmet, preferably one that includes the MIPS technology. MIPS is a feature of sporting helmets (ski/bike)  that mitigates concussions. 

2) it is always a good idea to wear gloves. When you crash, and we all crash eventually, the first body part that hits the ground are your hands. It is good idea to protect them from road rash.  

3) It is always best to start on dedicated bicycle trails.  Staying away from cars will make riding more relaxing. it will also allow you to practice simple things like stopping. I recall my wife stopping too quickly and going over the handlebars more than once. The helmet and gloves saved her.

4) Find a riding buddy that you can follow and learn from.

6) keep you bike safe by making sure it is maintained correctly.   A good local bike shop can keep everything turning just right. A poorly maintained bike can lead to injury.

As you get more serious, look to find group rides. Many larger cities will close roads for family rides during the summer. It is so much fun going out with tens of thousands of other cyclists around a city without cars. 

Join a cycling club. Many are free and they organize various group rides. Just make sure you clearly state your fitness and experience level.  A good cycling club will also run clinics on how to maintain your bike. Other club members will encourage you to do more riding.


One last point, if you decide to ride on the roads, keeping an eye on cars is so important for safety.  Mirrors are very helpful, but the best investment, IMO, is purchasing a radar unit for your bike. I currently use the Garmin RTL510 and will not go out riding without it. Basically it tells you when a car is coming(and how many) and the relative speed. 

a couple family pics

cape cod rail trail with the familycape cod rail trail with the familyCovid closed a park in ontario, but left the roads open to cyclingCovid closed a park in ontario, but left the roads open to cycling