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indoor bike storage

I stupidly kept my bike in a locked shed and of course it was stolen.  I'm thinking about hanging my next one from the ceiling, but may consider a pulley system over just a hook.  And some sort of stopper to protect the wall.  Show me your pics/links!

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I am a big fan of those racks that just lean against the wall. There's lots of brands and styles and it's a lot easier than pulleys or hooks, to me.

2019-07-08 17.01.42.jpg


I have the 2-Bike Gravity Rack that REI sold a few years ago (I think we've had it for 8 or so years now).  It is great, doesn't require a ton of hardware to keep it balanced on the wall, takes up minimal space and gets the job done.  It functions fine, if you're only holding one bike - I highly recommend.  


Yep, had one of those too.  The rope kept coming off the pulleys.  Also hung bikes upside down too long and the air socks started leaking oil. 


I agree with @StatenIslander. I have used the ceiling hooks before and have definetly had a mountain bike fall from the ceiling since I missed the center of stud. I use the racks that lean against the walls to hold my bikes. They don't take up a lot of space and can store multiple bikes stacked.

If you have the space, we use the Rubbermaid FastTrack system. It's sturdy and affordable (we have 7 bikes on our 84" length though 6 is probably a better fit); will require patching the wall though if you're a renter.