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If you had $20/$50/$100 for bike tools, what tools would you get?

If you had $20/$50/$100 for bike tools, what tools would you get? How would that differ for different types of biking (mountain biking, road cycling, bikepacking, etc)

General guidelines or specific tools and prices.

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@xavierr Welcome to the community!

This is a great question, I'm excited to see what folks come up with. For me, personally, if I was starting from scratch here is what I would go with:

Hopefully I get bonus points for hitting the amounts right on the head. I happen to own the Crank Brothers M-17 tool and I love it, it has saved my bacon on many a ride. I also like to fat bike so i'm constantly fussing with my tire pressure so an accurate reading of tire pressure down below 10 psi is awesome. Lastly, the Feedback Sports kit is a great way to start building your home mechanics bench.

Thanks for the question!

I'd be very curious to hear from @REI-BryanV@REI-JimL@REI-AndyF and @REI-GregM on what they would go with.

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Hey Xavierr great question, For $20 a Multi Tool is an excellent choice I would even include Tire levers and Patch Kit or even a spare tube as your $20. $50 would be a quality bike pump. They do get pricy as $100 or for all of the bells and whistles but @ $50 it should be reliable for years to come. A floor pump is first, then you would invest in a mini. At $100 something mechanic Related would be advisable. Personally, I am in the neighborhood for a derailleur hanger alignment tool. It could be anything that potentially save you money if you use it enough at home then letting a shop do it. A repair stand is a good start but a quality stand is usually north of $100. As you go down the road you'll access your needs and you'll see what will help you be able to go further with less worry when you ride. Hope it helps and isn't too much of a piggy back from the other answers. 


1.) A decent multi-tool: these can be from $20-50, but you can take apart and adjust a very good chunk of a bike with only the hex wrenches on one, and many on the higher end come with even more functions like chain breakers and spoke wrenches. Bonus that they're portable for taking with you.

2.) If it's not on your multitool, a chain breaker. Changing a chain is a common enough occurrence it's nice to do it yourself. Probably like $25-30.

3.) Going up to $100, then can start getting into a cassette/freewheel remover, crank pullers, and cone wrenches. Individually only like $10-15 each, but these start letting you take more and more of your bike apart for deep cleaning and overhauling.

I don't think discipline matters too much for these: mountain will have suspension forks, but aside from the special high pressure pumps for air shocks they don't really need any other special tools.

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@xavierr great question! 

$20- A tubeless tire plug kit I picked one up last year, thinking it was a gimmick. Then I ran through a massive branch that punctured my tubeless tire 9 miles from the saved me a long walk! I would also include a master chain link and zip ties (cheap and essential). These would all be for my mountain bike. 

$50- an on-bike tool kit 

$100- Torque driver for installing and maintenance of carbon components on my road bike (bars, stem, seat post). Along with a chain wear indicator  and 3 way hex wrench (this one has the rounded end, which is key to getting into tight spaces and tightening bolts at odd angles). 

$unlimited... I would get a power meter for my road bike! 

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