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How to tell if a bike can fit a frame-mounted child seat

I was looking at the REI women's bikes and was wondering how to tell if a frame-mounted child seat is compatible with the bike?



2 Replies

Hmm, my wife might know this. I'll come back later with an answer.


Hi there @D2323 !

Thanks for reaching out to the Community with your question. According to Burley’s compatibility tab it appears that it should attach to the bike in question. 

The biggest concerns are that you have enough space on your seat tube (4.1” for this particular carrier), the shape of the tube must be round or oval, the right size tires, and that the seat isn’t going to interfere with any wires or cabling. There is one tricky bit though. You have to make sure that your saddle is positioned at a height that won’t interfere with the child carrier. Essentially if you are perhaps riding  a larger bike and as a result have the saddle at its lowest position, you will not be able to use this carrier. With that being said, this bike also has mounts for a rear bike rack which would open other options for child carriers as well. 

I’m going to tag some of our cycling experts to get their advice on what they think is the best option here. @REI-BryanV @REI-JimL What do you think?


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