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How to find and develop bike routes?

Hi everyone,

Anyone have any advice about where to find existing bike camping routes or how you develop your own? I rely a lot on word of mouth, hearing where friends are going, but I'm sure there are other resources out there in the online community.

What tools do folks like to use for creating routes and navigation on-route? I've used Ride With GPS in the past, which is great for a lot of things. But, it doesn't have great integration with the local bike infrastructure map or the local trail map. For example, Ride With GPS sometimes shows sidewalks as bike paths. So, when I'm planning a route, I usually have four browser tabs open: Ride With GPS, a local bike map (or Google Maps with bike infrastructure turned on, if I can't find a local map), a regional trail map, and a topo map. It works, but it seems super inefficient. I end up spending a lot of time on Google Street View trying to verify what I see on those maps ("is there actually a bike lane on this street, or just a 2-foot shoulder on the side of a highway?"). It would be incredibly helpful to have something like a curated bike infrastructure / bike route map, but I haven't been able to find anything like that.


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