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How to adjust handlebar angle on CTY 1.1?

I am excited as I ordered the CTY 1.1.  Would like to be able to adjust the angle of the handlebars and understand there is a part that should accomplish this.  Would anyone know of a compatible part and where I can get it? Thanks.

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One part of the angle is just rolling the bars, just undo the 2 or 4 bolts for the bar clamp a turn or two, rotate, and retighten.

But what I think you're really asking about is an adjustable stem, like this one

Any bike shop, including REI, should be able to get you one. Even if they don't have one in stock, they can special order it. They can also confirm the length of the stem and what clamp diameter you need, since they do come in different sizes.

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Thank you! That is exactly it.