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Help understanding the difference between different bicycle U locks

I'm looking for a quality u bar bicycle lock.  I have found two online at REI, but I cannot see much difference in the two except the price.  

I was looking at 1) the Kryptonite New York Standard Lock ($114.95), and 2) the Kryptonite standard U lock with a cable ($58.95).

The New York lock comes without a cable but costs almost twice as much.  Both locks use the word "standard" in the advertising, so they appear to be the same standard lock. Is there a difference between the two?  Why does one give you a cable for half the amount of money?



2 Replies

Hey @TD, this is a very good question because these locks are very similar. The main difference between the locks is that the New York Standard U-Lock is a much thicker diameter lock than the Standard. Kryptonite rates the New York Standard as 9 out of 10 on their security scale while the Standard U-Lock is rated at a 6 out of 10. The New York Standard lock is more resistant to cutting or leverage damage to provide maximum security over the Standard U-Lock's moderate security. Therefore, the price (and weight) of the New York Standard is much higher. Hope you found this helpful and I hope you keep your bike safe!

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@REI-Stefan-D I used to live in NYC and I have the New York lock and it is heavy but nearly indestructible.   I no longer live there so it is kind of overkill where I am now but I still use it. After ten years the lock is a little cranky but some occasional WD 40 fixes it right up.  Unless you live in a high theft area the less expensive lock will likely be sufficient.