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Garmin Fenix

Any feelings about all the Fitness Watch explosion?

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Howdy @AviatorJay! I'm excited about it... and not just because I'm an #REIemployee 🙂 I've seen friends using them as "training buddy" and "motivational coach." I'm very much a fan of my own watch. I now know how far I go with each stroke on my SUP and can get a glimpse on what's around that next corner as I have a model with mapping capability. What do you think?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I've used a Garmin Fenix 3 HR for the past few years mountain biking and I've loved it. It auto syncs to Strava and lets me track all my rides. I wasn't big on all the smartwatch features at first, but they are growing on me. Plus, I can brag about taking 23,000 steps when I take my kids to SeaWorld!

I've had Garmin Fenixs for the last few years... huge fan. I'm a bit of data nerd so I love geeking out on the stats, and I use the GPS/map functionality on the 5X Sapphire all the time in the backcountry. It's also tough as nails and doesn't like too worn after lots of hard use.

I have a forerunner 235 and my next one might be the garmin instinct.  I use the 235 to broadcast my heart rate to my Garmin Edge 520 and never have to wear that stupid strap on my chest again.


I have a Garmin Fenix 3 and really enjoy tracking my progress and (ideallly) consistency. Once I have gotten into a good habit of getting out for my trail runs, my data helps me to motivate and get back out there, even on days where I might not be feeling it. Not quite as good as an actual running buddy, but it helps.

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