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Flats or Clipless for Mountain Biking?

Howdy there fellow mountain bikers! Would love to have a chat with you about your preferences and your "journey" on pedals for mountain biking. Have you switched back to flats or a die-hard clipless user? Perhaps you have both...would love your thoughts!

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10 Replies

I am currently running clipless on my mountain bike and it is a great setup for longer distances and not too technical climbs. Where I find they lack is when I’m trying to go over an obstacle. I’m scared to fully commit knowing I may get stuck and not be able to unclip fast enough to bail. I also think clipless allows you to cheat a bit and pull up on your pedals instead of properly maneuvering over things. A few of my friends have switched back to flats.

But...nothing beats clipless when you are cruisssssing on a fire road or flowy trails.