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Elroy to Sparta (and back)

Am planning on doing this ride soon - with appropriate social distancing. Wanted to see if anybody here has ridden this gravel path in the last week as I am curious what the condition is. I'd like to go early Friday and get in a long out and back ride. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hey @SixtyTwoPercent ,

The Elroy Sparta is an amazing ride and I am sure you will love it. I haven't ridden it recently so I cant speak to the condition of the gravel.  But if this is your first time on the Elroy Sparta (or for others reading this) here are some friendly tips: 

  • Something to note is that you need to walk your bike through the railroad tunnels, so that adds a substantial amount of time to the ride. 
  • I would recommend bringing more water and food than you normally would for a ride of the same distance.  There are small towns sprinkled along the trail that normally you can get a bite to eat at but I would check a head of time that those places are still open for business. 
  • There are small railroad stations that have restrooms and drinking fountains that are normally open, but again, check ahead of time to see if they still are.

The ride is doable in 1 long day, but I can't stress enough the importance of bringing enough food (and bike essentials) to self support.  As well as planning for the extra time of walking the 1 to 2 miles in each tunnel.  Also, bring a headlamp as well as a very bright front bike light.  

Have a blast on one of my favorite rides of all time!!

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