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DRT 1.2 Cable Routing

I recently got a DRT 1.2 and I'm adding a dropper post. On the description, it says "Internal cable routing is ready for a dropper post upgrade". What does that actually mean? And how do I get the grommets out that the cables run thru?

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@RH990 thanks for reaching out with this question; we apologize for the delay in response. We're going to tag a few of our bike experts and move this post to the Cycling board for other community members to see. While we wait to hear back from those folks, you can also (a) email our bike techs directly at and (b) call/visit your local REI bike shop (most are open at this point). Hope this helps!

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Hi @RH990! In the case of the DRT 1.2, the frame has holes that are intended for routing a dropper post. You should see a hole on the back of your seat tube, as well as a place to route below your bottom bracket and through the down tube. This will help to keep your cables neat and tidy should you decide to add a dropper post. The fittings inside these holes can be removed with an allen key. If you would like help with removing these or professional installation of a dropper post, our technicians in our stores are skilled in this service. They can help you determine the proper size and travel for your riding needs and frame size.


Adding a dropper post to my mountain bike is my favorite upgrade I have ever made to any of my bikes. It is an absolutely awesome for all levels of mountain biking. Happy riding!DRT 1.2 Dropper.jpg

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@RH990 Did you figure this out? I just started looking at this project on my 2020 DRT 1.2 and cannot figure out how those things “pop out”. There looks to be a 2.5mm bolt in there, but it is unreasonably tight feeling for 2.5mm.



@jkarg Honestly, I gave up on the one at the head tube and near the bottom bracket and just drilled them on the bike. The one on the backside of the seat tube just took a little wiggling with some pliers after removing the screw.

@RH990 Dumb question follow up: what do you mean by drilling them on the bike?

Did you end up changing the drive train to a 1x at the same time? Or did you find a way to run an additional cable?


A friend of mine had bought a 2.2 that already had a dropper post, so I routed it like his. I drilled the black piece at the headtube and the bottom piece near the bottom bracket, both of which are large enough for two cables, but only currently have a single cable running thru them. Then removed the piece from the seat post and drilled it. There's already a bracket piece for the cable on the bottom side of the bottom bracket. I'm thinking the extra spot on the grommets and the bracket are what they mean by "cable routing ready". I'm not sure if I can post images on here, I'll try.


headtube (Large).jpg

bb2 (Large).jpg

Perfect! That is exactly what I was thinking I’m going to have to do. Hopefully I can get those inserts out of the bike so I can drill them on the bench. Drilling them right on the bike takes some guts, nice work.


Thanks. Took a bit to do, but I'm happy with the results. The dropper is definitely a nice addition.


@jkarg and @RH990 - I know this is an old thread but I recently got a DRT 1.2 and have been shopping for a dropper seatpost but seem to be having trouble finding one that is short enough to fit. Due to the bolts in the middle of seat tube it makes it hard to find one short enough. I’m on a medium frame and currently from the top of the seat bracket to where the bolts would be is about 14”. Which dropper did you end up using?