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DRT 1.2 and Thule Yepp Rack

Hi, I just got the DRT 1.2 small 2020 and was told the Thule yepp maxi rack would fit it. It appears this is inaccurate. My apologies for the upside down pic. 

I’m struggling to confirm what rack would fit... and then return this rack and purchase the Yepp Easyfit adapter. 

And while I’m at it, can anyone share what super stable kickstand they use with this bike? 



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@HaveKidsWillTravel Thanks for reaching out!

When fitting a bike cargo rack to your bike you have a couple of things you'll want to consider:

  1. The size of your wheels. A rack built for a 26" wheel will not work for a 700c road tire, as an example.
  2. Whether your bike has disc brakes. Because the brake is located near the rear hub, the frame of the bike must be wider there, which means the rack must also be wider. This is where your issue comes in to play.

It appears that the rack you have is designed for a 26" wheel with rim brakes. The size small Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2 has 27.5" wheels with disc brakes. We recommend going with a bike rack like the Topeak Explorer MTX Tubular Rack with Disc Mounts

Also, for a very stable kickstand we recommend checking out the Portland Design Works Power Stance Kickstand. Not only is it designed for stability and heavier loads (like ebikes or cargo bikes), but it also has the greatest promo video for a kickstand, ever, probably.

Hopefully this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thank you so much @REI-JohnJ !!


A few things have happened since I posted this as I’ve been reaching out to many avenues given the covid-nature of life these days. 
man email I sent to REI’s bike mechanics revealed that racks are stretched all the time and that this one would probably be no exception. 
Then, still being nervous... I found Clever Cycles in portland and they met me outside with both the rack and my bike. They confirmed that the rack would fit with a little stretch. 

So, home I went! Both techs were correct in that the rack (which is the 28” Thule yepp rear rack) did easy stretch to fit those lower points with minimal effort and I was fully paranoid. Lol 


BUT... in trying to stretch and tweak the top mounts we broke it. So, now I feel screwed and that this rack actually does not fit my bike at all. 
I am looking at picking up the Topeak rack you mentioned from Hillsboro REI but now I can’t find the Thule Easyfit adapter in stock anywhere. 

so there’s all of that. I bought the (now) broken rack direct from Thule... surely I’m out that money. Lol 

But if you come face to face with this question in the future... no, the DRT 1.2 2020 small does not fit the 28” Thule yepp rear rack. 




Oh man, oh man. Lol 

why does this bike not love me like I love it!?! 

the topeak rack for disc brakes that you recommended isn’t a great fit. I actually think same rack made for non-disc brakes will be perfect and have ordered it. 

because of the extra space for disc brakes in the rack frame it interferes with the yepp seat connecting (the distance between the foot rests is too narrow by under an inch). 

the kickstand you mentioned seems to attach at a point that’s not available on the DRT 1.2. 

ive been to both clever cycles in portland and cascade bikes in Tigard (Oregon) and both have said they haven’t seen a kickstand that would work with this bike. Lol 


help!?! 🙈



@HaveKidsWillTravel  Oh my goodness, this is becoming quite the epic journey!

Let's just take a moment to acknowledge how awesome your bike looks with that set up though, I feel like that's an important first step.

Just to clarify: the Topeak rack is not a great fit for the bike? Or is the Topeak rack not a great fit for the Thule Yepp? Or both?

If you've ordered the Topeak that is better suited for the Thule Yepp Bike Seat and it is not a disc brake rack, you will likely need to do some bending to make it fit. 

We'll do some digging and see if we can come with anything in regards to a kickstand. Mountain bike design has moved away from being designed for kickstands but hopefully we can figure something out.

Don't despair, this bike will love you as much as you love it!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Oh thank you!! Yay!! @REI-JohnJ 

I am LOVING this bike. I don’t even care that it’s way too much mountain bike for my mom status. Haha 

years ago my Novara Bonita was stolen and I’ve never found another bike to love quite like that one... until now! 
So... here’s more photos. 
The rack fits the bike.
The rack does not exaaaactly fit the yepp seat.

The rack perfectly fits the Yepp Easyfit adapter.


I (have no clue what I’m doing) could be wrong but it looks like the disc version of this topeak rack is made for a bike where the disc brakes stick out. But this bike is beautifully streamlined. 

on a slight side note... we have plenty of tools and materials. If a kickstand comes close we can find a bolt of tool to help convince it... or a welder... 😳😬


ok, in the photos you can that the topeak rack spreads so wide on the sides that it hits and pushes the yepp footrest area out which has put stress marks on the plastic foot guards (I have zero concern for the safety of my child, it all connects securely both onto the rack and for my child)... it’s just getting stuck at the bottom. 

ok... hopefully this all makes sense. 




First: Thanks for the thorough explanation and the photos, they are super helpful to understanding the issue. 

Second: There is no bike too hardcore for mom status! If anything your mom status is making this bike look cooler.

Third: The kind of kickstand you'll likely need is called a 'Rear Chainstay Kickstand'. REI does not carry them but you can find one here or here. If you have a local Trek dealer near you they may stock it. If nothing else you can call around and ask if a shop has a rear chainstay kickstand and they'll know what you're talking about.

Fourth: The Topeak rack you have is definitely designed to be wider. Even though your bike seems streamlined, it is much wider at the hub than a bike with rim brakes. As such, the rack is designed to accommodate a lot of different width bikes. Also, your bike has 27.5" tires and has 2.4" wide tires, which is wider than a normal mountain bike. All of that is to say that it is not surprising the seat doesn't quite fit.

Don't despair, we'll get you out riding and rocking that mom status yet!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

ok... hopefully these are all helpful! 




Thanks for all your patience throughout this process and for sending us some more information via DM. We're going to respond here in the community so others may benefit from the information as well.

You asked about a Co-op Cycles REV20 6 Speed for your kiddo who is 5. Just to clarify, you're asking about the Co-op Cycles REV20 6 Speed Plus Kid's bike? My daughter has a similar inseam to your daughter's and she rides a Salsa Timberjack 20"+ (very similar in geometry to the REV20 Plus) with no trouble at all. The only concern I would call out is to make sure your kiddo can reach the brakes with her fingers before she goes ripping down those hills!

Best of luck, keep us posted on your cycling adventures!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.