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Re: Cycling shoes with wide toe-box?

Altra Running has got my feet addicted to "embracing the space". I even wear them to school now.

BUT when I put on my cycling shoes, they get locked back up in the narrow dungeon. It's not too bad, since cycling is non weight bearing, but I wonder what kind of shoes might be out there for the clip-less rider, that might have a wider fore-foot.

Any suggestions?

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3 Replies

I use Five Ten shoes. Only cycling shoes I could find for my wide feet and big size

Same! Five Tens all the way.

The only cycling shoe that is wide enough for my foot is the SIDI Mega. My feet measure about a 5E wide (116mm).  The shoes are not perfect, but are adjustable enough that I can ride all day without pain. 

The SIDI Mega’s are made in both road and mountain bike sole designs. The shoes are not inexpensive, but they are very well made a last a long time.