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Cycling Help

I purchased the Journeyman 650 Flatbar Claris
and it arrived yesterday.

My husband put it together and I went out to give it a test run. I
went about 10 feet and the chain began to bucking and came off the
deraillers. The chain is bent and stuck behind the smaller derailleur
and we can't get it out. I'm afraid I'll do more damage by forcing it
to come out. It scraped a ton of paint off the bike as well.

My question is what do we do? Should we cut the chain off and buy a
new one? Is this type of issue related to something that is eventually
going to cause this to happen again?

I'm including comes pictures but I am not sure you can really see the problem.

My husband and I were both stunned at what happened. While not bike
experts we've had lots of bikes over the years and we are just not
sure what to do next.IMG-6903.jpgIMG-6902.jpg

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@Begleyj we're so sorry to hear that your new bike is having some chain issues and we're glad you reached out. Because this is going to require a depth of technical expertise, it would be best for you to send an email to our team of bike technicians at You can certainly just cut and paste your post above, and include the pictures if you can. You'll then be contacted by one of our certified bike techs who can help troubleshoot and determine best next steps. Hopefully they'll have you out and riding again very soon!

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