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Cycling around Lake Michigan

Any particularly good apps or maps for the perimeter of Lake MI?

If you've done this ride self supported, I'd welcome your advice/suggestions.  Leaving from Chicago.  Wondering which direction to take - clockwise or counterclockwise around the lake.

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I have not done this myself, but reached out to a team member. He is her advice. 

“Right off the bat, there are lots of trails that follow the lake (I’d have to do some research on their names tho). I went counter clock-wise which resulted in some serious headwind in the UP so maybe clockwise is the better direction.  If you time it right you can ride your bike across the Mackinac Bridge for $25, they allow it 2 times a year, otherwise you need to pay to have a shuttle take you and your bike across. Be prepared to run into a lot of storms.”


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Have you checked out  Adventure Cyclists yet? They tend to be the authorities on all things bike-tripping.

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Will do!  Thanks!