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Converting ADV 1.1 tires to ride the divide

Hey, I’m wondering what size tires will fit on an adv 1.1? I’m trying to ride the divide this summer and wanted something thicker than the 38 mm tires. Thanks a bunch!

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Hi @Ksmith1102  – Whoa, the Great Divide! What a cool summer adventure plan. I am so stoked for you right now!

The Co-op ADV 1.1 is a great touring bike and a smooth, steel ride. After looking into the tire width options for the stock rim, it turns out that 40mm (about 1.5”) is about as wide as it will go. You can take a look at the WTB Raddler TCS Tire or the WTB Nano TCS tires in this range.

There is the potential to go slightly wider by integrating a different wheelset. To see what is compatible, you would need to take your bike into a shop because visual inspection is key.

The Divide is a challenge all of its own and choosing your setup will have a big impact on what kind of adventure is ahead. Riders who do this kind of trip tend to favor tires that are wider to help soften the terrain, so that is something you will really want to think about when making these decisions. Most people do the Divide on a 29” wheel with a 2.25” – 2.5” tire, which is significantly wider than the 40mm that is most suitable for your current setup.

You may also find some helpful information in this previous thread, What is the widest tire I can put on my ADV 1.1? Community member @HankG might also have some good input for you, as he was the one who asked that similar question.

It’s great that you are utilizing your resources to take the trip of a lifetime! Keep planning, training & researching! I have one pro tip: give yourself some recovery time - during the trip and once you’ve conquered the trail. Add a few rest days to celebrate and relax, because, hey, you accomplished a feat!

So stoked for your adventure. We hope you’ll share your experience and some photos later this summer!

With Cheer,


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