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Co-op Cycles Bike Color Feedback

What is going on with Co-op brand mountain bike colors.  Mountain bikes are supposed to be fun, but the choices for the DRT series seem to be chosen by someone working in a state that allows you to smoke weed:  Olive Green, Pirate Black (which isn't black at all, its grey) and Stone (I think you get the point).  

If someone in marketing had bothered to look at Trek or Giant, you will notice a theme.  Their bikes look exciting and cool.  We aren't trying to blend in with nature...we are flying through it.  

If someone is paying 2-4k for a bike, they expect a bike with great specs...and great colors.  

Please look at the competition...we don't need you to be different in anyway but price and service.

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@drew2fast Thanks for the feedback!

With something like color choice you're always going to see people who land on all ends of the spectrum of personal preference. We appreciate you expressing your thoughts on our bikes. We will be sure to pass your feedback along.

Out of curiosity, what kind of bike do you have? What is it about the color scheme that you like? Bonus points for a photo!

Have a great day!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I really like the Co-Op colors. I have the DRT1.3 (Pirate Black). 

@icilag13 Thanks for your feedback as well!

How do you like riding your DRT 1.3? 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.


I absolutely LOVE the DRT1.3.

I have been a bike guy all of my life. I raced BMX in the mid 80s and got into mountain biking in the mid 90s while stationed in CT. 

Although I rode some light trails through the years (a lot of rails to trails) when camping with our kids, I hadn’t done any serious mountain biking until last October when I bought the DRT1.3. 

Before the purchase I did a lot of research that was focused on finding the bike with the most value.  The sale price made it the only one under $900 with an air fork.  In addition, it had the highest quality components (e.g. Shimano brakes, SLX derailer).  

I am very happy with my decision.  This has been the perfect bike to get me back into the woods and closer to nature. 

The staff at REI have been great as well.  I am a total REI fanboy.

Keep up the good work with the DRT line.  I will likely purchase a full suspension in the fall.

This is a video of my latest ride.


I have a black bike, and a hunter green bike, and I just purchased a Giant Trance 2 in Metallic Blue.