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cleats for womens Garneau cycle shoes

Hi,  Which cleats do I buy for the Garneau Cycle Shoes


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@nancy30 Thanks for reaching out!

In order for us to answer this question we are going to need to know which model of Garneau cycling shoe you purchased. They make models that accept both 2-hole and 3-hole cycling cleats. If you purchased the Garneau Jade Bike Shoes, they are compatible with all cleat types.

Are you looking to purchase new pedals? Or does your bike already have pedals on it? If you need pedals then you can purchase any style of pedal and matching cleat and it will work with the Garneau Jade bike shoes. If you're using these for a spin class you will want to check with the bike style at your gym, but it is likely a 2-hole SPD pedal (make sure you confirm the pedal style as Peloton bikes come with the 3-hole Look pedals).

Hopefully this helps, feel free to reach out with any other questions!

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