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Choosing the right size bike (for my 11 year old Grandson)

My grandson is 11 years old. He is 5 ft tall and weighs 92 lbs. He is growing fast!! I think the REI City 1.1 would be a good bike for him. What size would you recommend for him. XS, S, or M.

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Hello there @jhafferty!

We appreciate you reaching out to the Community about getting your grandson a bike!

The CTY series offers great bikes and can be an easy transition for kids to an adult bike. 
In terms of fit, while your grandson is growing quickly, it’s worth mentioning that the CTY starts with a size Small which has a height suggestion of 5’3”. We do offer a step through version which is available in an XS with a starting height of 5’.

You might enjoy the advice in this article as well which gives some solid suggestions on bike fit, especially when ordering online. 

Hope this info helps and please feel free to keep the dialogue open as potentially more questions come up!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks for the feedback! My concern is how much room does the XS have for growth?  Sam is 5 Ft in mid-May and he has high pockets. He may be 5' 3" by the the end of the summer!!!



Each size has a range of about 3” so the XS starts at 5’ and extends to 5’ 3”.

I can understand the concern with how quickly growth can happen with kids! The biggest concern with young ones is that they feel confident on their bike. This can be tough if they don’t feel comfortable standing over the bike, making mounting and dismounting a difficult experience. 

I would strongly recommend getting an inseam measurement to make the best decision for him. Then I’d consider what you know about his current comfort level on a bike before making a final decision. 

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.