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Cargo bikes

Looking for input on a e-bike cargo bike. Hoping to carry kids and stuff. But not sure where to start.


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Yuba has some pretty neat options you may want to consider. There are loads of accesories that make them very adaptable as well.

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I currently have the Yuba Mundo, however, I have not yet upgraded it to electric. I have been researching the electic upgrade vs the Yuba Spicy Curry e-bike as it has a similar carrying capacity to the Mundo but, with the smaller wheel in the back, lowers the weight of your load (in my case kids and gear) and helps quite a bit with the top-heaviness. Right now, with my 7-year olds loaded onto the Yuba, if feels about like moving a Harley full dresser around and if it starts to topple over, it is likely going down (this has only happened once so far, so with care and planning can be avoided). 

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