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Can you replace the rear cassette/gears on a Co-op Cycles REV 20?

I'd like to upgrade the rear fearing on my sons Co-Op 20, but not sure what will work. I have an old 9-speed cassette and Sram X9 derailleur & shifter. Any chance it will work?

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An actual REI employee might have more information than I do, but just taking a quick look at the product pages for the current REV 20s, there's a single speed version and a 6-speed version. Either way, both are almost certainly freewheel systems (seems most common for 7 speed and below), and will not be compatible with cassette systems (normally see this starting at 8 speed and going up) as they attach to the wheel hub in different ways.

While it is possible to change a freewheel, and Sunrace does make some uncommon 8-speed ones that go as high as 34 teeth, you wouldn't be able to use your spare 9-speed parts, so you'd be spending cash to do so, including as you've noted the shifters and rear mech to match.

Depending on your goals for the gearing, you could maybe look at changing the front chainring? Wouldn't increase the range of gears, but it could shift the whole thing either easier or harder.

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Thanks for reaching out!

We reached out to some of our bike engineers and they said exactly what @TomV said: the REV 20 uses a freewheel system and would not be compatible with your 9 speed cassette. You should be able to go up to a 7 speed if you wanted, but not above that.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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