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Buying a rear road bike wheel

Hi there,

I recently started using our road bike with kickr trainer and swapped the tire to a trainer wheel. I'd like to buy a rear wheel, complete with gear cassette, tube, and tire, but I'm not sure where to start.

I don't remember what model this bike is since I did not buy it at REI, but I've attached a few photos of the bike. Maybe you know how to id the model based on these.


Many thanks in advance!


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@slivermail Thanks for reaching out, Michael!

It's hard to tell which model of Specialized road bike you have, but it appears to be using Specialized Axis Sport wheels. Specialized currently carries two wheel sets in their Axis line, both of which are for use with disc brakes only and would not work with your bike. Given that you're looking to build an entire wheel (wheel, cassette, tube, and tire), your best bet would be to take your current back wheel into your local REI bike shop  and talk to the tech about what you are looking for. They will be better equipped to talk you through your options and see what is available to order. Your local REI bike shop tech will also have access to more bike wheel inventory than is listed on our website, so that will provide you with more options for your bike.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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