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Bike with disk brakes to mount on tacx neo 2t


Will i need any spacer to mount my Cannondale SL4 2011 MTB with mechañical disk brakes on the tacx neo 2T trainer? If so, will it come with my new tacx trainer that i ordered from REI and which has still to be shipped? I have read that the Neo 2T manufactured after November 2019 comes with a spacer. How can i confirm if i am being shipped with a trainer that has been manufactured after November 2019? 



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@Kav75 Thanks for reaching out!

For technical information like this, we encourage you to reach out with your question to, which will put you in touch with our certified bike technicians. We'll also tag @REI-JebM in this post as well to see if he has a moment to offer any insight.

Hopefully we can get you the info you need, thanks!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thañks JohnJ.

Sorry for that. I am new here. So still trying to navigate through the different links. Highly appreciate your kind understanding. ☺

Hey @Kav75 ,

After doing some additional research I do not believe you will need anything additional to mount your SL4.  There is a small possibility that you may need the washer your referencing  to create clearance of .5-1mm but that is unlikely.

You will need to change the 130mm inserts for the included 135mm inserts but that should the only requirement, outside of mounting the cassette and syncing the software with your device, to begin using the Neo 2T. 

Although I cant guarantee the manufacture date the current demand for the product is so high that I would be shocked if it wasn't manufactured after November 2019. 

Enjoy the ride!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Thanks a lot @REI-JebM. I highly appreciate it. You have been so helpful. Hope everything works fine when i start setting it up. Waiting, waiting..... a long wait 🤣🤣