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Bike Trainer Recommendation

Hello!  Looking for some help with choosing a bike trainer...  Last year I bout the Co-op CTY 2.1 step-through bike.  Wondering if it will be compatible with most trainers?  My budget for this is small...  is there a trainer you would recommend?  I don't need a smart trainer or anything fancy.  Also, will I need to buy a trainer tire and if so, can you recommend one of those as well?

Thanks so much in advance!



4 Replies

Hey there @mdirmeikis !

Thanks for reaching out to the community! A bike trainer is an excellent way to keep active...I’ve been on mine quite a bit lately. 

To answer your first question, your CTY will be compatible with several different trainers. The rear wheel has a quick release skewer that makes attaching it to the trainer pretty straightforward. 

Here is an example of a trainer you might consider.

 Saris Fluid Trainer 

While I have been on my trainer with the tire that is on my bike, that is not entirely the best way to go. You will wear out your tire and since you aren’t riding on the road or trail, you don’t require the tread that exists on your tire. Getting a tire like this will give you a smooth ride and preserve your existing tire for when you head back outside. 

Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-AlyS Thanks so much for the quick reply...  it's super helpful.  What do you think about the Saris Mag trainer?


@mdirmeikis In my experience, the biggest difference between magnetic trainers and fluid trainers is the noise they create. All trainers are going to create some noise and vibration. For some people this is no problem, depending on where the trainer will be set up. 

If noise is a concern then I would recommend fluid. Also, I failed to mention prior that having a training mat and riser block are important accessories for either trainer. 

Saris actually has this cool kit with the essentials!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@REI-AlyS awesome, thanks!  i had no idea about a mat or a block 🙂