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Bike panniers and racks

Hi. I have a Topeak MTX Explorer rack and MTX Trunkbag DXP (fold-down panniers). I need more storage for an upcoming trip. Do I need a different rack to attach full-size (20L) panniers, or can I use the one I have? Ideally, I'd like to use my trunkbag and panniers. Will they both fit on the one rack?

My wife's bike currently doesn't have a rack or bag. What's the best rack to use with Ortlieb's Back-roller classic? Would the Topeak MTX Explorer rack work with them, too?

Thank you!

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Thanks for reaching out!

Your Topeak MTX Explorer rack should have no problem carrying a set of panniers. Whether it will work with your Topeak MTX Trunkbag at the same time is hard to say. The main concern will be, when you have your Trunkbag mounted, if there is enough room at the top side rails of the rack, where the panniers attach. If you look at a set of panniers like the Ortlieb Backroller Classic Panniers you can see the 'hooks' that they attach to your rack with. Those hooks sit below the top of the pannier by several inches. If you can use them together will depend on how far the fold-down panniers on your Trunkbag stick out when mounted.

The Topeak MTX Explorer rack is a 'one-size fits all' style rack so it is likely that it will work on your wife's bike. There is some good info to be found in the reviews on that product page, we encourage you to read through those, particularly if her bike is small.

Hopefully this helps, thanks!

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I have a pair of Ortleib Backroller Classics, with a rack from Axiom. The Axiom rack can be used w/o rack mounts at the seat stay, or collar. This was useful for my bike, it did not have those. Also the Axiom rack can attach to the seat collar or the bridge between the seat-stays (if you have one- road/gravel bike).

Those bags fit very well on that rack, and there is a large degree (+/- 2 inches) of travel to fit the back of yr ankles (in rotation) from the bags! I am about to be brave and modify the plate (plates w/ the rack) between the rack and the attachment to my hubs... It is made to accommodate disc brakes but I am running cantilever at the rear. I want the center of that mass (panniers) to be as close as possible to my center, and the disc brake accommodation lets it hang an inch(!) past where I could get it w/ my cantilevers... I am running a 1x now, and plan to re-gear it, so we will see if the cassette gets in the way.


Long story short- the Axiom rack will get those Ortleib panniers on your bike.