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Best bike seats for prostate health

I am over 50 years old and am having prostate problems.

My doctor says try a "prostate friendly" seat.

Doe REI have them?

What do you recommend?


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@Maison Thanks for reaching out!

While none of the bike saddles we carry specifically state that they are 'prostate friendly' here are a couple of options that would be a good starting point. We recommend checking with your doctor to make sure these are the correct saddles for your needs.

Selle Italia Max SLR Gel SuperFlow Saddle

Selle Italia Man Gel Flow Saddle

Selle Italia Max Flite Gel SuperFlow Saddle

Terry Liberator Y Gel Saddle

I hope this helps, thanks!


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To piggyback on REI-JohnJ


I strongly recommend getting sized at a good bike shop (they are an essential business in NY).  Most of them have a thing I call a Butt-O-Meter, a piece of memory foam that you sit on to make measuring your sit-bones easier and less invasive.  It is this part of your skeleton that should support your weight.  The distance between these two bones will determine how wide your saddle should be.  Go to a shop that has a good variety of saddles and a knowledgeable staff.  Some even have trial periods for saddles.  They should also ask you what kind of riding you do on the bike in question.

I'm 57 years old and put a lot of miles on my bike year 'round.  I have a Specialized Toupé (I know, weird name) which does have a cut-away.  But I also have a stock Surly saddle with no cut-away that does well for me.  The Toupé is my favorite, though.

Don't be fooled by wide saddles with lots of padding.  They won't go the distance.

Get thee to a good bike shop.

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The best bike seat for you is going to depend on your riding position and you anatomy, among other variables, not just whether it has a cutout. In general, the more upright your riding position, the wider a saddle you might want.  Also, the wider your sit-bones are the wider a saddle you need.

A good saddle is supportive and firm, not cushy.

Many cyclist go through a number of saddles before they find what is perfect. REI online has a good selection of saddles and I'm sure you'll be able find something that works for you.


can I resurrect this topic?  I'm 64, and a daily rider.  I spend about 9 hours per week in the saddle, and my male-specific anatomy is objecting.  Also, my hands go numb because I'm constantly pushing to get my weight over the sit bones.  I'd like to spend about $100 on a new cutaway saddle.  Anyone want to suggest your best options?

@monsoonsmith - For saddle advice, I stand by my earlier post (above). 

For problems with hands going numb, however, I am still searching. I have tried different gloves with different configurations of padding, but they all seem to yield similar results: some comfort, but my hands still go numb. One thing I do like, though, is a pair of grips that I got from Specialized: Body Geometry Contour grips. These have made the biggest difference so far, though they haven't completely solved my problems.

Superusers do not speak on behalf of REI and may have received
one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.