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Are roof top bike racks compatible with kids bikes?

I’ve got two questions about rook racks for bikes.

1) Will the standard roof racks work with a kids bike? 

2) How many bikes can you put up on your roof? (We’ve got three bikes, two adults one kid; would it be safe/possible to install three racks no the crossbars of our SUV, or would it be safer to throw the kids bike in the back and put the adult bikes on the roof?)

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@drmitchell Thanks for reaching out! 

When you say 'standard roof racks' do you mean bike racks that require you to remove the front wheel and attach the bike via the front axle? If so, then it is unlikely that your kids bike will work with a 'standard' roof rack. It really depends on your kids bike and what kind of axle it has. We do have a couple of roof mounted racks that will work with a kids bike down to a 20" wheel: The Thule UpRide Bike Rack and the Yakima FrontLoader Upright Bike Rack are both good options that adjust and hold the front wheel instead of the frame of the bike.

In terms of getting more than two bikes on your roof, depending on how wide your cross bars are, it is possible to get more bikes on the roof rack. The trick is to alternate the direction of the racks to the handlebars of the bikes do not interfere with each other. Basically, you could have the first rack installed forwards, the second backwards, and the third forwards again. You just want to make sure that you aren't exceeding the weight limit of your rack system with the combined weight of your bikes and racks.

Hopefully this helps!

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