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Anyone familiar with the Pure Cycle Classic Bike?

anyone familiar with this bike or manufacturer. I am 71 and have gotten FAT. Want some exercise


thank you

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Hi there @terryjohn!  

The Pure Cycles Classic Bike is an awesome option for getting back into riding! The steel frame and classic urban styling is very fun. Pure Cycles has rated the bike for 275lbs of rider weight and 10lbs of cargo. The bike has 8 gears ready to help tackle some hills. It also comes with  a rear rack, fenders, and a bell, so you are ready to roll around town! 

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived.

thank you so much, it sounds like just what the Dr. ordered. Been riding all my life, road ,dirt.

I  sold my last bike 4 years ago , thinking that's it. Now at 71, i am ready to go.