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Any recommendations for headphones for biking?

I've been riding my bike more often and would like to be able to do hands-free phone calls while riding suing a bluetooth connection to my cell phone.   I have a bluetooth ear piece with a microphone that is too sensitive to the wind when riding (people I call complain about the sound and cannot hear me well enough).  Is there a solution that anyone has found works well? 

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phoning while riding is a very bad idea, most likely illegal.  You need to be able to hear very well while riding and phoning definitely interferes with that.  When you  need to talk, pull over, stop, and take a break.

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Hi @cookerkid! Have you looked into the AfterShokz bone conductive headphones? These work really well and allow your ears to be open to hear ambient sounds and some have some very good noise cancelling microphones to help with reducing ambient noise.  I've been using the AfterShokz Aeropex for about a year.  Of course, you should follow all local laws and regulations when using your phone while riding.

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I have been using JBLs for many years because I sweat and all other earphones have a tendency to fall out/off of my ears. I recently bought the Reflect Contour 2s and I love them. I think they would be a good fit for your needs. I haven't used them in the extreme wind though, but normal riding doesn't seem to cause any microphone interference.


head band made of thin material over your ears to cover the ear bud, works for me.