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An article about Edward Jesson to remind me that I'll never be very 'tough'.

I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for six years and it was there that my love for mountain biking was reignited. I was introduced to bikepacking and fat-tire biking and most of my young family's adventures focused on getting outside on two wheels. My profile pic is a testament to how much fun it is to ride year-round in Alaska. I frequently 'braved' temperatures at or below -20° F on my bike. While I never considered myself all that 'hardcore' when it comes to riding bikes, I do wear those experiences as a badge of honor and am proud to have enjoyed my winter forays in Alaska.

I got a very healthy dose of humble pie this morning when I read this article about Edward Jesson and his Thousand-mile ride from Dawson to Nome, by A.J. Roan of the mining news. I've talked with dog-mushers who have completed the Yukon Quest Sled Dog race, which runs 1000 miles alternately from Whitehorse, Yukon, to Fairbanks, Alaska, and they are some of the toughest humans I have ever met. I could not imagine riding a bike that distance...much less a bicycle from 1900!

At any rate, I thought I'd share this article here as it is a fascinating look at what you can accomplish when you set your mind to something. Enjoy!

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