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Advice for purchasing bike shorts.

looking for a good pair of bike shorts but do not know what size to buy.

have never bought bike shorts before.

57 year male with a 34-36 inch waste.


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@joe0802 Thanks for reaching out!

Bike shorts tend to run fairly true to size, so based on the sizing guides for each brand we would recommend going with a size large, which fits a 35"-38" waist, depending on the brand. Take a look at the Pearl iZUMi Escape Quest Bike shorts or the REI Co-op Junction Bike Shorts. Also, if you're looking for bike shorts that have an outer short and inner chamois liner with them, check out the REI Co-op Link Double Bike shorts.

Lastly, this Expert Advice article, What to Wear on a Bike Ride, has some good information about bike shorts that you may find useful.

Hope this helps!

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I found them difficult to fit so you really need to try them on to find something comfortable imo.


go for custom biker shorts from a Custom clothing manufacturer, is one of the top-rated manufacturer which offer custom made padded biker shorts at affordable price


Should be just like sizing regular pants, but beyond that it's just a matter of trying them on to see how each brand is cut differently. As you try some on, just keep in mind:

  1. The padded chamois will initially feel like wearing a thick diaper, every time. As you start moving around in it and actually get pedaling, that feeling of bulkiness goes away. Gets more flexible with body heat or something, but whatever the reason this is what I've always felt like.
  2. They are meant to be worn without underwear. Obviously you can't try them on in the store like that for sanitary reasons, but once they're your own, the pad is supposed to be directly against your skin. Wearing your usual underwear with bike shorts can be counterproductive and cause chafing and rashes rather than helping.
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