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Advice for attaching bike handlebar grips?

Recently purchased Ergon GP1 BioKork Handlebar Grips to replace the worn stock grips on my 2013 Trek Allant 7 WSD commuter bike. What is the best way for attaching the new grips securely? Someone recommended using small amount of "hair spray" or other light adhesive. Seems like that would make them impossible to adjust or remove without damage. The new grips feature aluminum end clamps but they can't be clamped too tightly (5Nm) without breakage. Suggestions? 

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@mshires thanks for reaching out! We've actually moved your post to the Cycling board, so that you can gather advice from community members in addition to REI employees. With that said, we'll tag a few of our bike specialists to help answer this question for you. @REI-ReinkeM@REI-AliciaG@REI-CassidyT@REI-MeganR, or @REI-JacintaH, can you weigh in?

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@mshires hey there!  Thanks for the question.  I have seen the struggle with grips, particularly in getting them off.  You might be surprised how well they will stay on after installation even just with the clamp. 

However, if you want to be sure they stay put, the advice you got is a common solution for folks.  I would suggest cleaning the bars well with alcohol and then spraying the inside of the grips with your alcohol based item.  This should also help the grips go on smoothly and then once the solution dries it will produce a natural stickiness to help it stay put!

Hope this helps!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I have put these on several bikes, using no adhesive at all.  The end clamps should be plenty to keep them from shifting.  My main 'round-town ride has thousands of miles on them with no problem at all.

Try it without adhesive first.

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These grips clamp on. You won't need to use any adhesive to have them stay put. I've used several versions of the Ergon grips and they have all been great. The clamp on design makes it easy to loosen them up to adjust the angle of the bulged end until you get it just right. 


The clamps will hold the new grips on securely while allowing them to be adjusted, Ergon GP1 will need to get them right. 

As for your old grips, if they're rubber or silicone or something pliable, just cut them off (carefully).