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ADV 2.2 Sizing -- Maybe I have Short Arms?

Recently Purchased an ADV 2.2 to give me a versatile, more comfortable ride. I mainly ride in New York and use the bike for commuting and rides on mixed terrain. I also throw the toddler on the back. Thing is, I'm 5'10" and purchased the size Large based on the online sizing guide. The standover feels good and the bike overall is a big improvement, but I can't help but feel a little bit stretched out when in the saddle. Anyone else have this issue? I didn't notice it at first, but as I went for longer rides, it started to feel more and more uncomfortable. Anyone around 5'10" have more success with the Medium? Based on the size specs the Med seemed like ~52cm Fram and the Large ~55/56. My arms are not particularly long. 

Swapping a size isn't exactly simple at the moment due to Covid-19, but I would like to have a properly sized, comfortable ride. 




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Hello there @adsleeper!

Thanks for reaching out to the Community! The ADV 2.2 is a great bike and I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it for the most part so far!

I would say that if your stand over height is good, you would not be happy with the medium. I am 5’5” (with longer arms and legs) and tend to feel much more comfortable on a medium even though the normal recommendation based on height alone would be a small. 

With that being said, the reach does increase substantially from the medium to the large. There are alterations that can help with getting the right fit, beyond normal bike sizing. While the majority of our stores remain closed to in store services, many are operating with contactless bike shop services.

If your local store is offering this service, I would recommend reaching out to discuss some potential options that might be available!

Hope this helps!

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