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Your Most Thrilling Feat During a Technical Climbing Activity?

“Patient aspirating in a Stokes Litter, during a vertical descent or ascent evacuation procedure”.

If the Patient aspirates, while secured to the Stokes Litter during the vertical descent or ascent evacuation, the accompanying Idaho EMS Back Country Medical Rescue Team member will flip the Stokes Litter upside down, towards him/her self, resulting in the Patient being suspended upside down, secured in place by the “shoe laced” and double overhand knotted, 50’ x 1” nylon tubular webbing, as to enable the BCMRT member to clear the Patient’s airway.

No extra charge to the Patient for this procedure. 

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Not exactly thrilling, but newsworthy.  We weere dealing with the aftermath of a flash flood through a popular recreeation area (Tanque Verde Falls, Tucson, AZ).  A heliopter spotted an arm dangling from aa waterfall - clearly a body recovery.

I seet up a rappel and descended.  Groping blindly in the foam, I extricated the body of a young lady from the crack where she had lodged and we hoisted her up, proceeding with the then routine body recovery.  This was one of eight we eventually performed in this particular incident.

I noticed during the operation that a TV crew was filming.  i later learned that the footage appeared locally and on national TV the next morning.  I have never seen the footage, and don't need to - after all, I had a ringside seat.....

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Agreed. Solemn body recoveries don’t register on the requested “thrilling feat” topic meter. 


Great question @Marc_OV_AZ!

In Potrero Chico, the canyon is bifurcated by a road that becomes quite loud with non-climbers enjoying music, BBQs, dancing, etc on Sunday afternoons. There is a set of spires that split at a ledge in the middle, making a lovely anchor for its various two pitch climbs. The backside of this crag has a steep section where you cannot see the follower if you're belaying from the top. One afternoon, with that infamous Sunday music and no-visibility section, a friend fell and missed grabbing the wall on the swing back, so was hanging in space. Me, unable to see or hear, thought he was just trying hard working a part of the route. We laugh lots about it now, but my patience in that instance led to more minutes of him "hanging out and listening to tunes" than he would have really liked!

A few minutes in I realized what must be the case, waited for a lull in the music, confirmed that we still wanted to go up rather than down, and set up a 3:1 (hooray for good belay ledges and the right gear!) and we carried on. It was undoubtedly an afternoon of good fun, but definitely more exciting than either of us were expecting!

Pitch 2 and the amazing ledge (on a different day)Pitch 2 and the amazing ledge (on a different day)

@Philreedshikes@AlpineNinja@bryndsharp@54@EsotericSpiral@Jburt139@bertodj@WildBeard@Austenkb - do y'all have any thrilling stories from days up on ropes that you'd like to share?

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

Awesome experience of a lifetime. 👍


dang! epic memory!

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Super cool story, and what a great memory!

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well, I, thankfully, don't have those sorts of thrilling & epic stories (thank far).

I do have 9 pins and plate from ski crashes (not my fault, btw), but I guess injuries could set up a new thread, lol!

How'bout this, while descending from the summit of the Wildspitze, Otztal, tyrol, crossing a glacier, on a roped team of 3, me being in the middle and in the process of 'training' my compadres, I broke through and plunged into a crevasse.  We were so tight on the rope, they were able to extract me pretty easily (thank god).  However, I did have to change my pants upon return to the hut (braunschweiger hutte) (that's a joke...maybe)


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Wow! Stunning scenery and such a positive team building experience. 👍

Wow, no way! I had a similar crevasse experience when I was in Patagonia a few years back, but it was one of my partners instead of me that took the plunge! Crevasses are no joke!

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one or more gifts or other benefits from the co-op.