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Share your favorite place to rappel!

Hi there, I hope you all are having a great day! I was curious to know what everyone's favorite place to rappel is and why?

Stay true, Stay wild!
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@WildBeard  curious to know where your favorite spot is?

REI Member Since 1979

Being in m y eighth decad, my climbing has slowed way down, but i still occasionally rappel when necessary to retrieve paleontological or archaeological material from exposed cliff faces (there are a lot of those on the Channel Islands (USA).

Right now I am instructing successors, because I won't be doing this forever.

Some years ago (fifty, more or less, I was involved in archaeological projects at Canyon de Chelly which (sob! oh the agony...) often required climbing and rappelling on low grade sandstone.  I routinely carried at least sixty feet of climbing rope (and often more - up to six hundred feet) for various projects.

The rap rig was minimalist - the rope and my tender body - the old fashioned body rappel has its advantages - extremely light weight an easy to assume