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Seeking feedback on the Edelrid Jayne II climbing harness!

I was looking into getting a harness and was wondering what people think about the Edelrid Jayne II Climbing harness for women? 

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Hi @Lifeadventures!

I have the Edelrid Jayne II, which was the harness I chose when I first started climbing. I am a super novice who prefers climbing indoors, and I only top rope or auto-belay.

That said, because I need a lot of time on challenging routes to come off the wall and shake out my poor, poor arms, I wanted a fairly padded harness. I've found that my Edelrid Jayne is pretty comfortable while I'm sitting and thinking about my next move. It's easy to adjust, and very comfortable on my waist and thighs. I only carry my ATC and a chalk bag while climbing, and the placement of the gear loops works well to keep those things out of my way while I'm climbing.

It's a great choice for a first harness, especially if you need a little extra comfort while "hanging out" in the air! 

Happy climbing!

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