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Looking for more info on climbing specific pants

My boyfriend is a rock climber and he says he needs climbing pants, but u don’t really know what that means. I was hoping to get some recommendations on good brands and comparison in materials. 

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You can climb in just about anything.  Most prefer pants which do not inhibit motion (obviously).  I have climbed in everything from blue jeans to lycra tights to comfortable shorts - you name it.  Personal preference is hugely significant; weather conditions are very important.

Here is a link to the REI men's climbing pants page:


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Hi @Maryssa1 - Thanks so much for asking! There are a few defining features for climbing specific pants. To keep up with the rigors of the sport, durability and stretch are often prioritized. Sometimes there is a narrower bottom hem so climbers can see their feet clearly for placement on small foot holds.

Regarding materials, polyester and nylon are used frequently, providing that range of motion mentioned earlier. Polyester tends to be faster drying, while nylon is often softer. Cotton is also common in climbing pants, providing both comfort and durability. In most cases, there will be a small percentage of spandex to provide ample stretch.

We suggest taking a look at the following options:

Like @hikermor said, there is a wide variety of pants that can work well out on the wall. We hope these suggestions help you in the search! 

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My husbands favorite pants to climb in by far are from La Sportiva. Mine are from a company called 3rd Rock.


I just got some Duer no-sweat pants and they are less restrictive than my Prana pants, and way better looking. I have a feeling they will be less durable though.