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Ice Climbing in Germany or France?

I am looking for advice regarding ice climbing in Germany or France.  I will be in Neustadt on Feb. 15 and would lik.e to travel to the best place for this experience.  Any advice regarding location and insights is greatly appreciated

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Which Neustadt? There at least 5.

IMO, your best bet will be to contact your nearest DAV club(Deutscher Alpenverein) (German Alpine Club) and ask them, they will know for sure.

I lived in germany for 15 years, Bavaria for 8.  Garmisch was my mountaineering addiction (3hr drive). Then I lived in Heidelberg for 7yrs (more or less above Switzerland).

IMO you're out of luck, especially in Feb.  Except for some seasonal freezing of water dripping off the side of random hills.  The only ice climbing I found, and believe me, my friends and I looked, is to find some sort of hanging glacier, in the summer, because otherwise the ice will be under the snow.

Big waterfalls around murren (switz) but I don't think they freeze anymore, if they ever did.


I found this via google,(just to make sure things haven't changed since I've back, besides the massive heating up of the alps) this appears to be a seasonal melt off/refreeze.

I don't mean to rain on your parade, but gosh, imo you will be extremely blessed to find a frozen fall somewhere, they might show up periodically, but my guess only the locals will know about it.

I advise taking advantage of downhill or cross country skiing...and beer drinking...while you're there.

Here's some pix of the hanging glacier just outside the town of grindelwald, sw (town known for the Eiger N. Face, longer has summer ice, just saying)

25 16Jun91.jpg26 6Jul91.jpg27 6Jul91.jpg28 6Jul91.jpg29 6Jul91.jpg

best wishes, stay safe.

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