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Climbing: Tips on Injury Prevention

I've been climbing for about 5 years now. A lot of my climbing community has gotten injured at one point or another especially with pulled tendons and etc. What are your tips on climbing injury prevention? Any warm ups or a routine prior/after climbing?

2 Replies

I started weight lifting once (ish) a week a few years ago and found that it has really helped me remain climbing injury free. I'm not a lifting expert, but the general idea to strengthen your "pushing muscles" so that they can stabilize your "pulling muscles" while you are climbing makes a lot of sense to me.

I've also worked hard over the last few years to make sure I'm spending some time just warming up and climbing easy things before I jump on a hard climb. I usually set a number of easy climbs I have to do first, because otherwise it is way to easy for me to just get psyched and skimp on the warm up.

Great question!  A solid warm up (including getting the blood moving, stretching, and doing a few climbs well below my personal max) and being aware of my body (how to hold my body, distribute weight and use different types of holds properly) are key to me. I combine that with a solid stretching and cross-training plan to balance out my body when I'm not on the wall.  And, of course, taking rest days so my body can recover!

I thought this article on the Co-op Journal is also a good resource for additional information:


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