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Climbing: Tips on Injury Prevention

I've been climbing for about 5 years now. A lot of my climbing community has gotten injured at one point or another especially with pulled tendons and etc. What are your tips on climbing injury prevention? Any warm ups or a routine prior/after climbing?

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A stretching routine before every session, and a regular workout routine to keep connective tissues and the smaller muscles that stabilize joints strong. I think many climbers forget that muscles get strong fast, but connective tissues take much longer to build. Just because your muscles are able pull a sequence, doesn't necessarily mean the surrounding fascia, tendons and ligaments are up to the job of handling that repetitive stress. Also, taking rest days is critical.

Patience, good diet, rest and plenty of hydration!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I agree that rest days are just as important as training days. Patient training of opposing muscles is particularly important to ensure that, e.g., shoulder muscles are balanced and strong all the way around. Listen to your body -- if you tweak something, don't keep pushing through the injury. Allow your body adequate time to heal. Incorporating stretching and/or yoga into your daily routine will pay dividends that contribute beyond climbing. 🙂 I've found that incorporating BCAAs into my pre/mid/post climbing hydration is a great way to keep soreness at bay, as well as to provide muscles with the nutrients that they need to recover faster.