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Climbing shoes

I’ve been starting to get into climbing more and more, I’m at the point in which I need to start looking for shoes. I’ve tried rental shoes but they just tear the skin off of my big toe knuckle. Does anyone have some recommendations on shoes that reduce this problem or any ways to overcome this issue? I’ve looked at the la sportiva tc pros and they feel great but I’m not sure how they perform in just normal indoor climbing which is what I do primarily. Thanks for the help in advance.

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Hey @Ian_Papke , 

  So glad to hear you are getting into climbing! Climbing shoes are always an adventure. I will answer your last question first. The TC pro is a very comfortable shoe designed for crack and multi-pitch. Its very similar to my first climbing shoe the La Sportiva Mythos. Once you move into climbing onto overhanging routes and micro edges you may want a bit more downturn but this would be a great shoe to start with IMHO.  The skin off the knuckle issue is most likely due to where the fabric meets the rubber. You should try a few other shoes to find which one feels best and I might suggest a lined shoe vs an unlined one. The lining can offer some relief from chaffing issues.  Other ideas if you LOVE a shoe that causes pain in one area is tape or even a thin sock.  I highly recommend trying on multiple  styles and brands if that a possibility.  When trying climbing shoes on I like to say "if its comfortable its too lose, if its painful, its too tight, I just want to be very aware I am wearing a climbing shoe". 

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