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Climbing Shoes, should I buy new ones or resole my current ones?

I've been climbing with my first pair of shoes (Scarpa Origin Women) for about 2-3 years, only at the gym.

They are showing signs of wear and tear, ie: a small tear on the sole of both shoes

Should I resole? If so, where can I do that in NYC?
Should I buy new ones? If so, where can I get half sizes? My right foot is bigger than my left and I have wide feet. 


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You can resole your shoes, I've done this in the past and it runs about $50 plus shipping if you send them in. I bet you can find a local shoe repair shop that would resole them in NYC. I would try asking the Soho store if they recommend a local place.  Also check out this expert advice link, it may help you decide as well.

And most climbing shoes come in European sizes which do accommodate half sizes, but not two different size feet. If you've been climbing consistently for 2-3 years it might be time to upgrade your shoestime to a more advanced shoe style. Good luck and happy climbing!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

@ladeda_helen , I am sucker for trying new climbing shoes every chance I get... however, if you have truly found shoes you have fallen in love with, resoling is a good option. I agree with Karen, ask the local shop if they have a trusted cobbler that has climbing shoe resole experience.  For two different sizes Evolv shoes used to offer that directly through their site. (not sure if this is still the case, but its worth a shot.) So maybe reach out to them.  Hope this helps!  and good luck on your search!

At REI, we believe time outside is fundamental to a life well lived.

I love going to REI for new shoes. The staff is always super helpful (usually fellow climbers) and the styles are pretty consistent so they may even have your current shoe in stock. I climb at The Rock Club, but I’ve gone to the Cliffs for shoes. The staff are ALL climbers so it’s another good option. When I climb up north at the Gunks,  I usually stop into Rock and Snow — I think their shoe selection is the best anywhere. Btw, since you’re clearly a committed climber, you may want to have a few different types of shoes. I have neutral ones, moderate/aggressive ones, and shoes for outdoor climbing. Also, because it takes a bit of time to break in new shoes, if I notice a shoe wearing a bit, I buy another pair right away and start breaking them in so I can do a slow transition. Good luck with your shoe search!