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Climbing shoes for wide feet

My husband wants to start climbing with my son and me, but has really really wide feet. Are there any suggestions on best shoes to look at?  TY!!

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Hi @jesno - Thanks for reaching out. It's great to hear your husband is looking to get out and climb with you and your son!

Because it is difficult to suggest specific shoes without knowing more about your husband's feet, we do suggest visiting an REI to try them on if possible.

There are some climbing shoes known to run a bit wider, so we suggest taking a look at these to start:

Hopefully this helps!

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@jesno I also have wide feet and absolutely love my Miura VS shoes (which @REI-CarterC had mentioned)! However, they are relatively aggressive, so they might not be the best pick for a beginner climber. I would suggest checking out the La Sportiva Finale's or the Black Diamond Momentum shoes - both are great less-aggressive options for people with wider feet (I also have a pair of the Finale's and love them).

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