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Climbing Shoes, Bigger sizes for Women!

Shopping around for climbing shoes. I find it very hard to believe that REI doesn't sell women climbing shoes bigger than 9US/ 41EU. I barely make the cut (at least for Scarpa brand) with 9.5/41.5. I was specifically looking at the Scarpa Arpia/ Vapor V as I have been climbing for a while and I want to upgrade to a slightly more aggressive shoes

Im considering buying men's shoes instead (though Im picky on the colors). What are people's thoughts?


2 Replies

My daughter (mostly) wears mens shoes for her cleats, sandals, etc. It is basically whatever fits best for her. She wears a similar size as you, perhaps a bit larger.

@ladeda_helen one thing to consider as you contemplate switching to a men's shoe is that they will likely run wider than the women's counterpart. If you have wider feet, the wider men's shoe might be a welcomed relief; however if you have average or narrow feet, the men's versions may be too sloppy. 

Here's a quick list of women's climbing shoes that we carry in sizes 9.5 and up. As you noted, there isn't a Scarpa model so if you are committed to Scarpa as a brand, you could inquire at your local REI store about placing a special order.

Hope this helps a bit!

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