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Beginning Rock climbing

Hey, my name is Sam.
I am just now getting into climbing.
I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on good places to start and/or how I should go about starting. I bought shoes already I got the la sportiva tarantulace.

where should I go from here?

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@DutchKota Hey Sam, it would be helpful to know where you live and what equipment you have i.e. rope, harness, belay devices, etc..

if you’re an absolute beginner, you might consider a weekend class at the rocks

you’re going to need some serious skills and a good partner before you start, climbing is a fantastic sport but extremely DANGEROUS 

on the ground you’re going to need to learn some knots, rope techniques, belay techniques, protection devices/placement, some knowledge of first aide

get some good books like Mountaineering: Freedom Of The Hills it’s a good, proven reference 

basic rock climbing by royal robbins is good 

but whatever you do, proceed with caution and stay safe 

imo, rock climbing is just below parachuting, where even the teeniest miscalculation can have major impact 

good luck!

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I live in the Phoenix area and all I have are shoes and a chalk bag atm.


I used to teach absolute newcomers from middle school age to people in their 50s/60s and this is my advice:  Indoor climbing gyms are abundant and I would definitely recommend a beginner class their to start.  After getting your feet wet at a gym, look for beginner classes outside.  Rent a harness and helmet until you for sure know you want to keep climbing (which I hope you do)!  Hire a guide for a beginner tour after that, start learning you knots and how to belay along the way.  As always, have fun!

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