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At Home Climbing Wall

I have seen other posts that are similar to this but more geared to bouldering. I am more focused on a indoor top rope climbing wall. This would be mainly for my kids to practice on. the space I have is 12ft 10in high and 9ft wide. I have currently build a framed wall out of 2x4s. I am wondering what I should use for the top rope system? Should I just buy anchors and screw them in or is there something that would work better that wont cost 1,000+ to buy. I also plan on using this wall to practice ascending a rope as I am intermediate canyoneer with a hand full of canyons under my belt I am looking to improve my skill as to pass the canyon lead cert. I appreciate and helpful insights on building or equipment that would work well. Thanks. 

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Hi @Austenkb - It's awesome to hear you're working on this project! 

The anchors that Marc showed are a good suggestion. You will want to attach those to the wall using t-nuts, which is the same system used to attach holds to climbing walls. We suggest taking a look at our Uncommon Path article DIY Backyard Climbing Wall or Metolius's Guide for Building a Bouldering Wall (with t-nuts) for some more details that you may find valuable.

If you're keen to share, it would be great to hear updates on your progress with these projects — your home wall and canyoneering lead certification. Best of luck!

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